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Produk Non MSG Alsultan adalah produk Healthy Food yang terbuat dari bahan Organik. Produk Alsultan tidak mengandung vetsin atau lebih dikenal dengan sebutan MSG (Monosodium Glutamat)sehingga aman untuk dikonsumsi anak-anak dan orang dewasa yang tidak dapat mengkonsumsi vetsin dalam suatu masakan.

Produk Non MSG Alsultan awalnya diproduksi dan dipasarkan untuk Alsultan International Australia dan telah memenuhi standard Austalia untuk keamanan pangan. Sekarang Produk Non MSG Alsultan juga dipasarkan di Indonesia dan telah memiliki sertifikasi dari BPOM Indonesia dan juga sertifikasi Halal dari Majelis Ulama Indonesia.

DEPOKHERBAL.COM Menyediakan dua produk kaldu NON MSG ALSULTAN:

  • Chicken Stock Powder Non MSG (Kaldu Ayam Non MSG)


Harga, Rp. 20,000

Alsultan Chicken Stock Powder without MSG brings out the aroma and adds full, rich flavor to any meal, while not overpowering the natural flavours of other ingredients. Healthy and safe for those who care about health and taste.
You can use it in stir fries, casseroles, risotto or sauces by adding directly to meal few minutes before the end of cooking or it can be sprinkled over chips and roasted vegetables.
It is easy to use Alsultan Chicken Stock Powder:
• simply sprinkle on meats prior to barbecuing, frying or baking,
• add to sauce or gravy
• mix 1 teaspoon (3 g) with 1 cup (250 ml) of hot water and use as a soup base or liquid stock for other meals.
Alsultan Chicken Stock Powder provides you with the opportunity to cook a healthy tasty home made meal even when you are short on time.

Kaldu Ayam Alsultan Tanpa MSG membuat masakan anda beraroma dengan rasa yang lezat dan menyehatkan. Cocok digunakan untuk berbagai macam masakan maupun campuran snack.
Kaldu Ayam Alsultan merupakan pilihan anda yang mengutamakan kesehatan tanpa meninggalkan kelezatan rasa dalam masakan anda.

  • Beef Stock Powder Non MSG (Kaldu Sapi Non MSG)


Harga, Rp. 20,000

Alsultan Beef Stock Powder Non MSG is healthy,easy and convenient solution in creating various types of delicious meals. It accentuates and enriches the aroma while providing a fuller flavor of your dish.
Our suggestion is to use it in all meals containing red meat. These can include stews, casseroles, roasts, beef soups, barbecues, marinades and many more.
Meals made with Alsultan overwhelmingly remind us of that homemade taste.
It is easy to use Alsultan Beef Stock Powder:
• simply sprinkle on meats prior to barbecuing, frying or baking
• add to sauce or gravy
• mix 1 teaspoon (3 g) with 1 cup (250 ml) of hot water and use as a soup base or liquid stock for other meals
Due to the low fat content the finest part of meat is yearling rump steak and the eye fillet. The cooking process for these is short, whether roasting or preparing in other ways. This way the meat will remain tender and juicy.
Beef, yearling or veal provides an exquisite taste when marinated in olive oil, mustard, bay leaf, pepper and Alsultan Beef Stock Powder.
When preparing the meat for barbecuing, marinade it with Alsultan Beef Stock Powder at least one hour prior to cooking (if time allows, leave it overnight) which will then provide a fuller, richer tasting meat.

Kaldu Sapi Alsultan Tanpa MSG merupakan solusi sehat dan mudah untuk membuat berbagai macam masakan semakin lezat. Kaldu Sapi Alsultan menimbulkan aroma yang sedap dari masakan anda.

ALSULTAN Produced by Alsultan International – Australia
Alsultan International is An Australian company established in the year 2000, specialized in producing all kind of charcoals and other special products. Products are of high quality control and designed specially for the application and usage. The company main offices located in Sydney, Australia and also regional office located in Dubai.

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